Appointments for Animals

Treatment of animals can only be provided once referral or the permission of a vet has been gained. This is a requirement by law. Consent forms can be given to your vet to fax or email to the Osteopath. Please download from link here.


The initial appointment takes 30-45 mins. During this time case history will be taken and an examination of the animal will take place.


The animal will need to be walked and trotted and some other tests may be performed. A diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed with the owner and a copy of the results will be sent to the vet.


If the animal being assessed is a horse and the problem is one of performance the Osteopath may ask to see the horse lunged or ridden.


If the animal being assessed is a dog and the problem is one of performace with regards to agility, flyball etc then the dog may need to be seen doing these activities.


Many insurance companies cover osteopathy.

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