Appointments for People

The intial appointment will take between 45 mins to 1 hour. During this time a case history will be taken and an examination will take place.


The Osteopath will ask you to undress as much as they need you to so that they can examine you. If you would like to wear some loose fitting sports shorts and a vest please feel free.

If you are uncomfortable with undressing please discuss this with your Osteopath further.


The Osteopath will require you to perform some simple movements and will also move some of your joints unaided by you. The Osteopath will palpate the soft tissue (muscles, tendons ligaments etc) and may ask you to pull and push in certain directions to ascertain the area of the problem.


The Osteopath will diagnose your condition and discuss a treatment plan with you. The first consultation also includes a treatment.


Katie is a registered practitioner with AXA PPP and Arthritis Action.


FREE 15 minute consultation available to see whether osteopathy will suit you.

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